Frequently asked questions by classroom teachers and parents!

The videos are choreographed by Skidmore Dance faculty in collaboration with undergraduate dance students. The unique dance movements are inspired by Anne Green Gilbert’s work, BrainDance, which promotes mind-body connectivity and focus. Videos are organized into three themes of intention: Energy, Focus, and Calm. Additionally, each video is infused with prominent themes of socioemotional learning and college life—instilling a curiosity for the future. 

The research study is entitled, “The effects of dance practice on assessment score performance, behavior and attendance in a public school district with high rates of economically disadvantaged students”. We are interested to see how the introduction and regular practice of dance in a public school classroom and an at-home setting effect student academic performance, attendance and behavior. We believe that dance could be a useful tool for teachers and parents in your everyday routine.

Partnering with the Gloversville School District, we worked with classroom teachers to anonymously compile information on students utilizing the program. The data collected in this partnership informed the direction of today’s program.

In the era of CO-VID 19, we seek to understand how and why classroom teachers and parents integrate dance into the everyday routine of children. By registering for our program, your usage of the videos is monitored for research purposes. We thank you for dancing with us!

After registering for the program, you will have access to the full video library indefinitely. Each year Dance to Success may contact you to solicit feedback regarding the program and your usage of the videos in your home and classroom.

We would love to partner with your school or classroom! Please fill out the contact-us form to receive information about a potential collaboration. Alternatively you can email us at: dancetosuccess5678@gmail.com

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